Katie Gilbert

Technical Marketer

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Hi, my name is Katie. I am a detail oriented technical marketer who finds joy in keeping my files organized, writing clean, modular code, and, believe it or not, working in CSS. I also have experience working at digital agencies as well in B2B and B2C Marketing. Now, I would love to use my experience to help your team!

I come with a background in digital marketing and web development. If this comes as a surprise, once you meet me it will soon make sense. I literally just love websites. That’s why I sought to learn about how website can convert visitors into customers, how they do so using colors, content, and layouts, and have spent my career so far learning about SEO.

Front-end web development is something that I enjoy doing but it's also an incredibly valuable skill to have as a marketer. I believe that both marketing and programming combines logic with creativity. It is the combination that has drawn me to both fields.

Digital Marketing

I spent the first two years of my career focusing on B2C Marketing and the last year on B2B marketing. Meaning, I can help you with whatever audience you are trying to target. I am adept at creating personas to help you define and target your audience in a more strategic manner and can then move on to defining some KPIs that we can work together to achieve. Once we know what your business goals are, I will work to meet them using a combination of strategic SEO efforts and content marketing.


I studied English, Creative Writing and Journalism during my three years at Seattle University. I have since taken over online content creation for two different companies. Now, I am excited to do the same for you. I can help with website content, blog articles, and even social media content creation. Just let me know what you are looking for in an email today or head over to my portfolio to read some of my work.

Web Development

I am a front-end web developer who can help you build static websites. These can help you display the value of your company and create a good first impression with new visitors and potential customers. It is my goal to create websites that will make you look good and will help you attract new customers. Plus, each website I make will include key on-page SEO elements such as sitemaps, robots.txt files, alt-text for all your images, and canonical urls. Reach out to me today to learn more!

How To Get Started

  • Send me an Email including what services you are looking for
  • I'll send you a strategy proposal for your approval
  • Once approved I'll send you an email with some simple questions to help get you started toward growing your digital presence
  • I'll start working and send you bi-monthly updates on how everything is going

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